Proposed cover for third book in the Merlin's School series.

The Grail and Back Again

This book is the third in the Merlin's School series. It was started some time back but I got stuck and decided to write something else instead. In the meantime I have worked my way through the blockage and I'm ready to pick this up again and hopefully get it to the publishers this year. Fingers crossed.

For information on book one - The Ring of Curses, and book two - Sword of Stone, refer to Margaret's Bookshop

And ... we're off!

Writing has started again on the third book in the Merlin's School series. I'm lucky that I left this at about three-quarters done so it is mostly a matter of knuckling down and getting an ending in place. Then it's the usual read throughs, edits and proofreadings. I'd like to think this could be a finish for this year but I'm not going to hold my breath.