13. Sep, 2019

Friday 13th

It's Friday the 13th ... and one with a full moon to boot ... a rare event with the next one not due until 2049. The Americans call it the harvest moon ... but what is it harvesting? Souls!

One must wonder when history shows that on this day - far back in history - so many tragic events were witnessed. Fires, storms, bombings, murders, ships have sunk and planes have fallen from the sky. But then there is the beginning of the demise of the Knights Templar, where thousands of men were tortured and burnt at the stake for being heretics. And I'm betting a few witches were given a hard time on this day too.

But it's not all bad. Water was found on Mars, it is an empowering day for woman, the first scientifically recognized dinosaur eggs were discovered (bring on Jurassic Park) Malta became a republic, Super Mario Brothers was released, and Friday is always the last day before the weekend ... a good thing for most.

Regardless, you can make your own history, so make it good. 

What are your thoughts on this day?