23. Dec, 2018

And another end draws near ...

Here we are just two days before Chrismas 2018. Time seems to go by so fast these days that it's hard to keep up with one's self and as 2019 nears many of us make plans, resolutions and promises.

As an author I set goals that might see me publishing a book during the span of these 365 days, but this year it did not happen. But that's okay as if I'd pushed myself I might have been tempted to offer you infereror work. While that is never a writer's intention, a typo or two ... or maybe a bit of a fumbled sentence might surface. The important thing is that we present the best story - one to keep you enthralled and entertained. And that takes time.

But ... what end have I set myself for 2019?

Firstly, I'm hoping to finish and publish 'The Healing'. If that's all I do I will be happy. Yet ... secondly, I look to finishing and publishing the third book in the Merlin's School series, entitled The Grail and Back Again alsoThis book has been put on hold for some time now and it needs to get out there with its friends. Thirdly, I will be entering a different world with my first illustrated book. It will be a world of enchantment and magic - one that I hope to have a lot of fun with. I will keep my followers updated on this.

So ... there you have it. 

Thank you to all those who have entered my literary world this year - and perhaps the one before. I hope you all have enjoyed reading what I had on offer and will stay with me in the future. I wish you a merry Christmas and a jolly new year for 2019. Let is be prosperous, peaceful and pleasant.

Cheers ... Margaret R Blake.

P.S. What have you planned for next year? Would love to hear from you.