26. Oct, 2018

Post and run ...

Last night I decided to get online and see what was new since I had signed off six hours ago. There was nothing much on TV and I didn’t want to read or go to bed. I scrolled as one does, eventually coming across a post from a book group – with 14,000 members - that grabbed my interest. It spoke about the lack of interaction and comments within this particular group. The topic caught my attention as it is something that has been slowly nagging at me and had me wondering why I even bother being a member of book groups online as they are all the same.

My introduction to book groups began when I first became published with my number one novel in my Merlin’s School series – The Ring of Curses. My publisher of the time advised that it was a great way to establish sales. So, I created my first Facebook page and spammed away until I realized it wasn’t doing the job. I then decided to have a giveaway. Sadly, there was not one response … nobody wanted a free book either. It puzzled me until a Facebook friend suggested to join book groups. Being a newbie at all this online stuff it took me a while, but I eventually found and joined several groups and started with my promo posts and giveaways again. But still no go.

Now I was really stumped until I cottoned on that everybody was just posting and running. They didn’t give a toss about your book, my book or anyone else’s book … it was all about them. When did the world become such a selfish place? Or was it about competition?

In the mean time I had chatted with a wonderful online friend and we were both in agreeance that we needed help … not between ourselves as we both supported each other’s work … but within the writing community. A group was then created where we would work with an indie author store on our websites and share, share share, creating a larger marketing platform, and most of all, give each other a helping hand. It seemed like a good idea.

Well, so far, there has been no response to that either, which to me, proves that most authors are paranoid about competition, lazy, complacent or … they are so self-centred that they really just don’t care. I find that sad.

So back to the post I read last night. At the end of it all only two people actually had something to say about the truth of it … that groups have no interaction as intended, no conversation, as intended and no cross-promos as intended. And remember … this is out of 14,000 members.

In conclusion I will ask … where does one go from here? Do we give up trying or do we keep plugging away? There is a third option as well, of giving the people a serving of the truth on an ungilded plate and hope that they wake up to themselves … just like the admin did in the book group. Well done!