7. Oct, 2018

Marketing and its perils.

Marketing is an indie author's nightmare. While the big houses have people to do this job, sadly the indie author is the be all and end all of their business ... that of trying to write books. And then of course, sell them.

On paper this process doesn't sound too hard ... just make a platform somewhere, create a web site, get out and about, sell to all your family and friends and bingo ... Bob's your uncle. But, in the mean time, who is writing your books. We are not up there with the big authors making millions of sales; we are down there, at the bottom of the pile working bloody hard at our keyboards while trying to make a living, and probably look after a family too. We don't have time to market. And when we do it's a very singular thing.

There are the posts on Facebook, which immediately bring upon themselves a boost suggestion, while being hidden from view. There's the time needed to attend to Twitter and Instagram ... just to name a few. Advertising costs for inclusion on some promotional pages can be above our means, so most of us cannot afford to use them. And brochures, giveaway swags and promo competitions can cost as well.

Where does one go from there?

In the course of a conversation, my friend, Dawn Cements and I pondered on this and we came up with the idea of web marketing ... using a Facebook group to find and organise bookshops for indie authors ... at no cost to anyone, bar that of a little time to keep your web page up to scratch with your new 'books' (via web links) and posting and sharing, sharing sharing so that the one post becomes two, becomes four, becomes 16  ... as the bookshop becomes stocked with indie web links. Now in order for this to work it must be a two way street i.e. - if an author takes you on board their web, then you must reciprocate in kind. It is only fair.

So ... if you think this concept might work for you, click here ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/334033377155536/?ref=bookmarks and take a look. Or email me at margaret.blake66@yahoo.com. If it suits you please ask to join and set up your web page as shown, and you're away. Feel free to share your web site anywhere and everywhere and your platform will grow, and hopefully reach a large audience. I hope you will join Dawn and myself in this venture.