7. Feb, 2017

As if anyone cares ...

Over the past months, I am seeing more and more discontented social media users. The main complaint being … it’s not very social anymore. And not a truer statement has been said.

So … how do I know this?

I was advised by my first publisher to get myself online and register with Facebook as a means to promote my book/books, so thinking I had a ready market I did so. Now this was my first foray into the net as I had been avoiding it like the plague, fearing that it would put the kybosh on the rest of my live, entrapping me and keeping me away from my writing, my reading time and other more meaningful pursuits.

How right I was, for not only was the whole thing with gathering buyers for my baby a myth but the social part of the experience was not very social. But it was too late to escape … I was caught up.

At first it was all very pleasant, I made a few friends, I spammed the buggery out of my book, not knowing that was a no-no, and read and liked posts like there was no tomorrow. Then, after a while, I started seeing how it was all a waste of time as far as the impact on my book sales, and that most people were caught up in their own lives, dramas and promotions. Which is all well and good and perfectly allowable but things started to change. Verbal punch ups became rife, scams were/and are the norm so no-one knows what to believe any more (but I suppose that is a media thing) and so-called friends were/and are abusing each other, blocking each other, slagging each other and generally being not-very-nice. And I’m not the only one noticing this.

Not so long ago I posted something different … nothing nasty … I just put out a rant. The response was quite incredible as everyone had words of sympathy and general well wishes and a few not-so-gentile suggestions as to how to handle the said – real - issue in question. (I will admit here some suggestions were quite ingenuous and funny)

I then stopped liking or commenting for two weeks. I did this because I was getting little if no response to my posts and I wanted to see what the outcome would be if I responded in kind. It made no difference.

I wanted some reaction so I posted a plea. This was wonderful as it brought many kind comments. In fact, it was probably the most recognised post I’d ever put out on social media.

And all this was placed in between American political posts, hate posts, some rather nasty and cruel animal posts and just general stuff that is not acceptable in my mind.

So, when did we, as a race … the human race … become so hurtful and jaded towards life and others?

And … what about me … someone cried.

Sadly, I cannot make things better for anyone else. But I can say this. Do yourself a favour (said Molly Meldrum) Take back control - even if it is the TV remote. Don’t take life too seriously because at the end of it all we go to the same place, and that’s six feet under. Life is way too short to waste it on plastic screens, media BS, rudeness, control freaks and nastiness in a not-so-real reality. I’m sure everyone wants to look back on their life with a smile instead of a frown. By all means, don’t neglect those wonderful friends you have secured on social media, the ones you joke with, who chat with you in the middle of the night, who repost for you, share and like and general put you in a happy place again. Just ignore all the other crap and hopefully it will go away.

(C) Margaret R Blake 07-02-2017