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There are many children who are brave and courageous, beautiful and bold, magical and more. But there are also ordinary children, those who are quiet and humble, withdrawn and introverted, studious even - regular children, with their worries and their woes. They are no less than the fabulous few for they are the other side of the coin; there are always two sides to every story. Merlin's School for Ordinary Children is just that ... a story, one full of adventure, fun, mystery and ... ordinary children. Please join them on their journey as they find out how extraordinary they can be ... by just being themselves.

The story of Merlin's School starts in a place called Calder Cove; a quiet little village that curves around the coastline. It's small, but it has all it needs. Some would say that it was a little behind the times, while others would say it was peaceful, tranquil even, with a feel of days gone by.

Life was pretty mundane in Calder Cove until a strange old man died. Then things changed!

It's not every day one sees a castle appear virtually out of nowhere. Was it magic? One would have to wonder.

In time, it was made known that this huge castle was a school - not an ordinary school, but one you had to get an invite to ... a special, sealed parchment envelope that could be found in the strangest of places.

More and more invites went out and when they were opened the people saw that there was to be a tea party no less, on the castle green. After, everyone was encouraged to peruse the great castle library, which they did with enthusiasm, only to find themselves evicted swiftly at the end of the afternoon.

Gossip ran rife until people could gossip no more. Then all went silent as everyone pondered.

For a long time, nothing stirred at the castle. People began to wonder … what was the point of a school that was silent and inert? But then, just on Christmas, a second lot of invites were sent out, ones that called to the chosen children only. They said to be at the castle, 9a.m. sharp, and don’t be late. February 14th.

Imagine the surprise of everyone, when on that day, the potential students were ushered inside, and the great castle doors were slammed closed behind them. 

And so, the first Merlin's School for Ordinary Children adventure begins with - The Ring of Curses - an extraordinary journey into the wild unknown, with a stealing of an Aztec ring, a student who mysteriously disappears and a fantastic rescue.

Merlin's School for Ordinary Children is a six book series, with number three currently in the making. In the meantime, #1, The Ring of Curses draws near to its five year anniversary. In celebration it will be offered gratis, as a PDF download, one chapter a week, on the author's web page, starting next week. It is hoped that all followers, new and old, will take advantage of this and enjoy the experience, adventure and magic of the story. More details to follow so stay tuned.

Good afternoon from Merlin's School. Today is the launch of the first chapter of The Ring of Curses. Just click on the PDF file to download it into your computer/iPad/phone or tablet and enjoy. There will be more chapters to follow each week. A review or comment would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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RING OF CURSES ... CHAPTER 1 - A Curious Event

RING OF CURSES ... CHAPTER 2 - A Change of Scenery

RING OF CURSES ... CHAPTER 3 - A Most Intiguing Invitation

RING OF CURSES ... CHAPTER 4 - A Grand Opening

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