Proposed front cover for The Healing.

New book - The Healing

It started in mid-November 2017. I had a run of 'nothing getting done' after completing my editing course, then suddenly I had the urge to write. I would have liked to continue with the third book in my Merlin's School series but it was not the place I wanted to go. It was to The Healing ... a book I has started some time back ... that I went. 

I got the idea for a trilogy of books about love - not in the sense of romance, with impossibly beautiful women and powerful, buff men, who are usually pretty arrogant with it. I wanted to try another angle ... something that could be inheritantly pure. So I came up with the idea of The Healing and two other books.

The Healing seems to be coming easily so I'm enjoying the project. I decided to construct this page for people who would like to follow the book's progress. I will warn you though ... I'm a slow writer - I'm like a tortoise - but I get there in the end.

A mass of words

Some time in February I hit the 30,000 word mark. For me this is a record. As I have said before ... I am usually very slow, so to say I'm pleased is an understatement.

A call out for betas

On Sunday 18th March I put out a call on Facebook for beta readers. Sadly it went unnoticed. Monday I tried again and got a great response. I now have a beta team of thirteen readers. This might mean back luck in some people's eyes but in mine, it is fabulous ... it's the number of change.

The most exciting thing about all of this is, it's the first time I have worked with beta readers. I have been traditionally published in the past and had no need for them. New experiences ahead.

Helped wanted

I have written 35,000 words approximately, first draft only, so it's far from finished. Are there any volunteers out there who would like to read this and give me some honest feedback. I will need responses and returns asap and those who follow through will get the end of the book to do same and a mention in the acknowledgements. Please PM with your email details. Thank you.

The story is about love but not romance.
It's about faith but not about religion.
It's medieval but not historical.
It's fantasy but could be real.

A young foundling, maid to Lady Betts is brutally raped by Pharyn, lord of Feather Stone Castle. The girl cannot exact her revenge without laying her own life on the line, so instead she runs away. Will a long-suppressed secret bring her back?


First feedback ... Christine Baker is looking forward to reading the end of the book (which I now have to go away and write). She happily devoured the book in two sittings.

Dawn Millen (author) is happy to follow through to the end, which is great.

Karen Tants offered some great feedback, encouraging me to continue.

Mellisa Jane was another eager reader.

Millicent Stand (Mel Sacco) is reading when she can, but is excited to continue.

Update ...

Today - 27th March 2018 - I am at the 40,000 word point in my new novel, 'The Healing', thanks to my beta readers who have encouraged me to keep going. Thank you, everyone.






45,000 words and still counting. I have slowed down a bit with the writing of 'The Healing' but other things in life have gotten in the way. So be it.

Progress update

Writing is slow but steady; 55,000 words have been commited so far but there will be a few more added before the first draft is finished. Thankfully, the ideas come easy ... so far. 

21st July 2018

To date we have now committed 60,000 words to paper - or in this new world of technology -... the computer. For some I'm as slow as a wet week but for me this is not bad going. Off to make more progress.

70,000 and counting ...

And now we have reached the 70,000 word mark. I feel I'm on the downhill slide getting to this point. The story has come easily but in all honesty I am a slow poke on the computer. But, I have to say also, that this is the first time I have concentrated on one book, and one book alone. My usual writing method is to flit between books ... like a bee between flowers. Maybe the next news installment will be the finish of the first draft. Fingers crossed.