A day out ...

Medieval Margaret went off to Maryborough yesterday with her brother, Lord Terence and her sister-in-law, Lady Tonya. While his lordship did some shopping for boy's things the ladies had tea at the Engineer's Arms.

Photo credit - Jackie at the Engineer's Arms Marketplace

A reading

A couple of months back, while at Riverbend, Medieval Margaret was asked to read a story fromher fairytale book - RIVERBEND - A Collection of Fairy Tales and Other Stories. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and believes that most of the children did too.

Note the medieval garb. This is in keeping with the surroundings at Victory Village at Riverbend, which is a working medieval village and museum ... the only one of it's kind in the southern hemisphere. The book mentioned above can be purchased from there, as well as Amazon and Lulu.

I'm a lady because ...

While living in Tasmania, some years back I found - quite by accident - (actually it was flashing on the right-hand side of my Facebook page) a site that was advertising conservation opportunity in Scotland. As my mother, Jean Cree Blake, nee McHendrie, was Scottish right through to her cotten underwear I though I might contribute to this worthy cause. So, on that note I purchased my little block in honour of that part of my heritage. Plus I thought my mother would then have a place to lay her weary head when she finally departed this mortal world.

Several weeks later I receive a wonderful package with all my documents, one of which was my honoury title of Lady. So there you have it. In some circles I am now known as Lady Margaret Rose Blake of Glencoe (or Medieval Margaret), and while I might not have the t-shirt I certainly have the document to prove it.