Bits and pieces

17. Aug, 2021

I watched this on Sunday night but I can't say that I really enjoyed it even though it was a compelling watch.

Why do I say this? Firstly, it was a horrible movie - yes it was a horror movie but there was no real horror in it. It was just plain awful. There were no explanations for anything ... how or why things happened as they did. And secondly, it left me with quite a few questions.

A teenage boy loses his father during heart surgery because the surgeon has been drinking. Said boy says things will happen as retribution unless the surgeon kills one of his own family. These things start to happen so surgeon kills his son in a Russian roulette style to make it stop. Boy is happy. Just like that. Sorry ... but this story had potential but it wasn't utilized.

I give it half a star.

27. Jul, 2021

I had a busy weekend sorting, and rearranging (still and ongoing operation, I might add) but managed to get in a bit of reading with a cuppa. In doing so I finished this book.

I must admit, while the story was quite compelling I wasn't really sure what genre I was reading. Was it a crime thriller, a romance, or a cosy? The best part was that the reading was easy, the storyline made sense, and there were no typos.

In giving this a 4 star rating I must add that I would have preferred this as a straight out crime thriller. The story could have easily carried this off.

27. Jul, 2021

I watched this on Saturday night and while I found it a little on the weird side it was, at least, historically correct to a degree.

The Favorite - starring Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman - tells the story of the later years of Queen Anne. It is set in the Regency period (17th century) with beautiful costumes and settings creating a fabulous background for this tale of sadness, madness and a touch of midnight slap and tickle between the ladies.

It also portrays a picture of how the interbreeding of the blue bloods, the manipulation of those in the wings, and the want for nothing creates a life that is not alway good, or for the greater good. In many ways the monarchs of these times - and those in their ears - forgot entirely why they are in a position of leaders to the people.

I must admit though, it was a fascinating movie, and I enjoyed it immensley. I can understand why it had Oscars thrown its way. I give it 4 stars. 

19. Jun, 2021

Some time back I took up the challenge to enter a short story for a Canadian fiction/Sci-Fi magazine in a genre I am unfamiliar with. My submission was rejected but ... since then I have been asked for a submission for an anthology called UNBREAKABLE:Ink by American publishing firm, called Indomitable Ink. The invitation came out of the blue so, as you can imagine, I was quite chuffed. The writing has begun - and again, as it is in a genre I am unfamiliar with - my imagination is challenged. My writing is almost done; now it is just an edit and it is ready for launch.

Wish me luck, folks. 

5. Jun, 2021
Hello, everyone. Hope you are all keeping well.
News on my short sci-fi story is it didn't make the grade, but it's all good because it made me stretch my imagination ... and let's face it ... none of us are good at 'everything.'
In the meantime it has been decided by NASA to launch another two LUNAR CODEXES to the moon as - quote " In case there are issues with the 2021 Peregrine and 2022 Nova launches - space is hard! - Polaris will archive all previous time capsule content as a back-up."
This is important to me - and maybe some of my readers - because my short story 'Three Wishes Granted' is included in this wonderful endeavor. So the end game of this is that the archives will be stored in three separate places on the moon.
Have a wonderful weekend, folks.