Bits and pieces

19. Feb, 2022

Happy new year, happy Valentine's and happy birthday to all those who celebrated. I know it's been a while but sometimes life happens. During this time I have decided to relauch my Merlin's School series with new covers and a slightly different approach.

Also, with the melding of D2D and Smashwords I have an extention to my author platform so I will be doing a bit of moving things around. This means less writing and more organsing for a while. It's not such a bad thing as one does need a break away from the muse on occasions.

So, with all that out there I will give you a glimpse of one of my new cover ideas. I would love some feedback, remembering that this series is initially aimed at 10 years plus, but has been greatly enjoyed by 'big kids' too.

Have a great weekend folks, and catch you next time.

2. Dec, 2021

Well ... I made the grade. My story 'The Games We PLay,' was accepted for this American anthology. It will also be included in the lander shipment that is going to the moon on the Polaris timecapsule in 2023, alongside NASA's VIPER rover on the Astrobotic Griffin Lander, launching via SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket... to the Lunar South Pole! This is very exciting for me as it makes it the second story for me to go to such a far away place. It is an honor and one that makes me want to keep on writing.

Here's to a great day, folks. Keep on creating!

15. Nov, 2021

While my writings haven't stopped altogether they are on the backburner at the moment. I did, however, try for the American anthology, Indomitable Ink, again. The hard part about it is the guidelines take me way out of my comfort zone, so it is a matter of having to see life through different eyes. Anyway, it seems I might have succeeded in at least having a short story accepted for consideration. If it goes ahead I will certainly let everyone know about it for sure.

In the meantime, have a great week, folks, and take care.

16. Oct, 2021

I watched this last night and oh, what a great whodunnit!

It had a fabulous cast, a great story line, the ideal setting and lots of suspects. I haven't enjoyed a murder mystery like this in such a long time. There was something a little bit Gothic about it even though it was set in the modern day world. One half expected a cameo appearance by Christopher Lee or Boris Karloff. 

While it would seem that the demise of the victim was at first a suicide, it would seem it was more an accidental death until little tell-tale things start to point towards a murder. And why not ... there was a lot of money involved, along with the possibility of someone missing out at the will reading. Always a great motive. It was also nice to see that Jamie Lee-Curtis is aging gracefully, as is Don Johnson. 

I will leave it at that along with a recommendation to watch it when you get the chance. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

Cheers, and have a great day, folks.

2. Oct, 2021

... is now going down the dunny (translation - toilet!)

With a whole state in lockdown so many times that it's now the norm, Victoria has finally mandated that everyone must get the jab within the next fortnight or not bother turning up for work. While one must take all media with a grain of salt, all media cannot be wrong, so I say that obviously the powers that be have not thought this through, but have decided to resort to bullying tactics. With anything of this nature there will be those who will buck the system, not to mention the loss of livelihood, loss of homes - leaving people not only on the street but relying on a system for money that is already stressed out. Then there is the loss of life through depression of a *no way out* situation, and of course, the rise of crime.

In the meantime the NSW premier has quit her job because of corruption - I will stick my neck out here and say it is political. And the QLD premier refuses to have her state in lockdown (because of the footy finals this weekend???) despite have half a dozen cases of diagnosed C19. This last statement I heard her say on a late night news update so I cannot dispute that one.

Also I watched a video where the tens upon tens of police officers where lined up in front of a Coles supermarket stopping people from going in. Now what's the go with that? Are we becoming a policed country?

To top it off a friend has since died - no ... not of the virus - while waiting for this BS to run its course so that she could finally be with her daughter. How will this ever be resolved? There is no going back from such a finality. This trauma will stay with the young teen for the rest of her life. And there will be no apology from anyone, anywhere for her. 

All this is extrememly brutal. It is way beyond making sense anymore. And some people wonder why there are riots, so-called anti-vaxxers (but these people might just be wanting a choice for health reasons, not to mention plain old freedom of choice)

The virus is real ... there is no denying that, but we have had - and will have - them around us for life. They are just part of the system. The C19 is a SARS 2 varient yet there was no world pandemic that caused so much destruction for that one so one must wonder ... are we at war now.

I will leave you on that note so that you can think on it. In the meantime, take care, folks, and do the right thing.