Bits and pieces

19. May, 2021

Was Freddie Mercury really such a precosious brat in his younger days as portrayed in the movie? I don't know ... but it was almost enough to stop me watching. In the end I persevered and I'm glad I did, as I actually enjoyed seeing how Queen's music came together. I've seen enough docos to know about Freddie's life so that was not quite as compelling to take in as the rest of the film.

So ... interesting facts ... Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara; 5 September 1946) was of Parsi-Indian descent and grew up not far from where I was growing up at the same time, in Middlesex, England. Originally born in Zannzibar, his family was forced to flee during the revolution of 1964. Regardless, he led a very colourful life after he immersed himself in his music, and one cannot ever say he didn't have talent, for he surely did. But, as the movie portrayed, he didn't achieve greatness on his own. He had a great backing band and family in Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. While not everything ran smoothly they all worked together to created the sound that is recognized today as wholly and solely Queen. 

A great night's entertainment and I can easily give it four and a half stars.

20. Apr, 2021
How to make a short sleeveless kirtle.
1 - buy pretty dress from Wish (because at the time it seems like a good idea)
2- when dress finally arrives try it on and admire yourself with both amazement and wonder. Amazement because you could actually get it on, and wonder because you wonder where the Chinese manufacturers got the idea that Australian women keep one nipple under their neck and the other under their armpit.
3 - throw dress in corner with disgust ... after you have struggled out of it first.
4 - consider the money you have paid for said dress and take another look.
5 - believe you can fix dress so put onto coat hanger to consider.
6 - consider for the next 24 months or so.
7 - attack!
8 - retreat and unpick seams of dress.
9 - put dress back on coat hanger for more consideration.
10 - months later decide this is the day and patiently spend four plus hours cutting, stitching and altering.
11 - try on again and check out your alterations in mirror.
12 - take dress off in disgust - because you look like an over-stuffed sausage - and cut it up with scissors (save shirt just in case it might come in handy) Put the rest in the bin.
13 - go to bed mumbling about waste of money and waste of time. Toss and turn, then hours later, when you're about to fall asleep, think of a great idea.
14 - climb out of bed, rake through rubbish, put bits of dress on the kitchen bench to be washed the next day (note it is about 1-30 am)
15 - wash bits and dry. Then start pinning and cutting skirt (see ... you knew it might come in handy)
16 - try on finished garment. Tah-dah ... one short green kirtle
15. Apr, 2021

The other day I was perusing one of the many ads that appear on Facebook on how to make thousands of sales ... the usual blah, blah, blah that ends up with the sponser wanting you to buy their book (so who's making the thousands of sales?) Anyway, one particular ad gave me an idea that I am going to run with just to see how it will pan out. It won't cost me anything but time so why not.

The idea is this. It seems that many people - because of their busy lifestyle - still like to read but only in dribs and drabs. Hence the novella, but mainly the romance novella. This is not a genre I usually writing in but I thought I'd give it a go.

So ... I'm well into my first offering but will be publishing it (and others, I hope) only in ebook format, again because it's 'preferred' by the busy people. Anyway, I'm asking that you keep an eye out because I will be keeping folks up to date. I'm hoping to get the story written quickly, the title of which is 'Love Bites.' Apt, I thought.

Have a great day, everyone, and keep well.

12. Apr, 2021

What a wonderful movie! Directed by New Zealand director, Taika Waititi, it tells of a young German boy trying to be part of his country's war effort during the last six months of Hitler's reign. He has an imaginary friend who tries to help him along the way, and a not so imaginary real friend, who just gives life his best shot.

The story is rated as a satirical comedy but to me it is so many things. It made me laugh, it made me sad, it made me think, and it kept me watching. It was pure entertainment to the end. While it is not something for the kids to watch I'm sure that most adults would enjoy this movie.

Expect the unexpected. I have to give it five stars.  

3. Mar, 2021

Poster for this contingency of authors/artists travelling to the moon to be included in the first Lunar Library.