A collaborated reveal

And now - trumpet fanfare here - the big reveal of the collaboration. Many years ago I wrote a poem about the seasons; it's very whimsical and is a lovely read for the little ones when sitting on mum's knee. The poem needed illustrations, and I finally found a fabulous artist in my friend, Natasha Marie C. She has done my little book proud with her gorgeous artworks. The completed work is now on it's way to the publishers. As for the cover ... while not fancy ... wait 'til you see inside.

Anthology update

News of the day ... the anthology that I am taking part in has moved along one step. All stories and paintings have been sent away to get formatted. It is a huge job but once it is complete, this wonderful book will be close to the printer's door.

Watch this space for the next update.

And the winner is ...

Good morning to all. Today I drew the raffle for the book buyer's prize that I had running for my book launch. Congratulations goes to Sue Crickitt for being the winner, and my thanks go to all who bought a copy of the book 'The Healing,' on the day.

There is no winner for the online buyer's prize due to the lack of participants. Got to be in it to win it.

Have a great day, folks.

Book launch success

Monday again already. I had a fabulous book launch for 'The Healing' yesterday. Didn't go quite as planned but that's half the fun. Dressed up, made sales, caught up with family and friends, one of my favourite teddy bears came along for a visit, and my right hand man - Sir Tristan Mcdonald - was a great help. Thank you to everyone who purchased a book and to those who stopped for a chat. It was a wonderful day.

The book buyers' raffle for the day will be drawn Wednesday. Unfortunately the online raffle did not come into play.

Update ...

Hello, everyone. Got stuff happening ... not long to go until my book launch so purchase now if you want a ticket in the raffle (pic down below of prize). Contracts are signed for the Canadian anthology - Redux. Proofreading and editing is done for same. And my secret collaboration is moving along nicely. Hope you have a fabulous day.

SWAG for online buyers until 22nd September. Be in it to win it.

And counting

There is only 19 days untill my book launch for The Healing. If you would like to be a part of it online, just buy yourself one of my books and emal me a copy of your receipt to margaret.blake66@yahoo.com. You will then be entered into the raffle to win some swag ... pictured above.

UPDATE - Only 11 days to do ... you've got to be in it to win it.

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An anthology ... Klarissa Dreams Redux

Several months ago I wrote and submitted a short story for a Canadian anthology - it's being put together to raise money for cancer research. Today I received an email saying it was accepted. That is such exciting news for me as I've never been accepted for an anthology before. So now to the hard work of putting the stories together for Shebat and her mother, Klarissa. Aiming for a Christmas release. I'll be getting a copy or two ... will you?

A collaboration

Good afternoon, everyone.

All writers have an imagination that runs overtime and I'm no different. I have a pile of odds and sods, and bits and pieces, half-formed stories, new ideas ... the list goes on. While attempting to get some order into the chaos I found something I wrote some time back ... in 2011 ... to be exact. I am now in collaboration - maybe even cahoots - with an off-sider to get this into print. It is a tiny project in some ways, but I'm sure it will have a big impact.

More later 

The latest ...

So ... the latest goss is I will be holding a book launch on the 22nd September at the medieval village of Victory, west of Tiaro in Queensland. It seemed a fitting thing to do with the setting of The Healing (see Margaret's Bookshop) being that of medieval times.

I will have a few bookmarks to giveaway, plus a book buyer's prize for the day. I have also put together some swag for anybody else who buys one of my books online. Just PM me a copy of your receipt.

A win ...

A while back I entered a competition to win a whole heap of signed chapter books for children, not thinking I would win ... but hey, I did. I was so excited as it is rare that I win anything. Then a complication arrived; the competition was put in place by an American author who was doing a promo and she had forgotten to included that it was for American residents only. But instead of just not honouring my win -as so many oversees people have in the past - she ordered through a reputable bookstore and the books arrived today.

Many thanks go to R.V. Bowman for this. Please check out her books online when you have a chance.