New publication 2022 Unbreakable Ink 2 - an Anthology

My story 'The Games We Play,' was accepted for this anthology. It is up for pre-order at all Amazon stores and will be released January 15th 2022. It has also been included in one of the lunar landers to be stored in the first Lunar Library. "POSTPONED until further notice.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat ... click on link for blurb and excerpt.

Only .99c US

Lady Rose's Bites

Lady Rose ... Click on link for blurb and excerpt book one 'Love Bites.'

*NOTE - this is now priced permanently at .99c US at all e-book retailers.

Merlin's School for Ordinary Children - The Grail and Back Again #3

The Grail and Back Again ... click on link for blurb and excerpt.

Going to the moon

Some of you may have read my blog about a payload of work created by writers/authors (me being one of them) artists, composers,poets and many more being included in a moonbox which is going to the moon this year. If you would like to find out more about the manifest please follow this link through.

Pictured on the right is the official Peregrine Lander logo ... pretty impressive, I reckon.

Klarissa Dreams Redux

Klariss Dreams Redux has been included in a time capsule that will wing it's way to the moon in July 2021. Follow link to Blog for more info.



Last week, only the cover and accrediting authors and titles were going to the moon. Now, Shebat Legion has been informed that the cover and TOTAL literary contents - the entire written works contained within the anthology, Klarissa Dreams Redux, that she produced - will be launching in July 2021 via The United Launch of a Vulcan Centaur rocket as part of Peregrine Mission One; Manifest 9: #WritersOnTheMoon. Her deepest gratitude goes to Samuel Peralta and Susan Kaye Quinn for finding room for all the authors at the inn.

The Healing

The Healing ... click on link for blurb and excerpt.

Natural Magic

Natural Magic ... click on link for blurb and excerpt.

Merlin's School for Ordinary Children - The Ring of Curses #1

The Ring of Curses ... click on link for blurb and excerpt. 

*Note - This is now priced at .99c US at all e-book retailers. 

Merlin's School for Ordinary Children - Sword of Stone #2

Sword of Stone ... click on link for blurb and excerpt.


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Crafty Bits

Crafty Bits ... click on link if you're interested.

To find out about me ...

A writer who likes to stitch, and a stitcher who likes to write.

My story ... click on link to read more.

Comps and freebies

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